CUEIM multi-polar network

In order to handle the expansion of its activities with ever-increasing expertise and professionalism, the CUEIM multi-polar network has extended over the years to encompass bodies and organisations with which it maintains stable working relationships, alongside the resources and research it accesses at the Associated Universities and other institutes, academic or otherwise.

Cueim Comunicazione Srl is a company owned wholly by the CUEIM, created in 2001 when publishing and communication activities were made a separate branch. The brands linked to Sinergie, the study and research journal, were transferred to Cueim Comunicazione, which ensures continuity of procedures relating to the  improvement and promotion of these activities through an approach shared with CUEIM itself.

CUEIM is one of the founding associates and supporters of the Osservatorio Permanente sul Franchising. The Observatory was created in 1997 by Professor Marisa Amoroso, Full Professor of Economics and Business Management at La Sapienza University of Rome, and today is considered a valuable and authoritative source of knowledge of franchising and, more generally, commercial distribution in Italy. An extensive extract of the research findings published in 2007 appeared in Il Sole 24ORE on 05/11/2007.

On 21 July 2009, in accordance with the resolution approved by the Board of Directors of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino (CRT) on 22/06/2009 and by the Board of Directors and Associates’ Assembly of the Consorzio Universitario di Economia Industriale e Manageriale (CUEIM) on 25/06/2009, the two founding members CRT and CUEIM established the Fondazione CUEIM-CRT.

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