Energy and Environment Division

This area has been operating since 1989 and has developed notable experience in the realm of strategic and specialist consultancy as well as technical-scientific assistance and support on environmental issues, both in Italy and abroad. The range of services offered is quite large, but can be presented in brief as:
- Applied research and consultancy for public and private organizations;
- Technical assistance services and technical-scientific support for public administration;
- Studies and consultancy services for international environmental cooperation programs;
- Sustainable development projects for global environmental protection;
- Specialized technical support services sustaining the agreements signed by Italy;
- Technical assistance projects and consultancy services in cooperation with international research institutions;
- Development of databases and information systems for environmental protection.

  Project-based activities    

  Assistance geared to the promotion of environmental cooperation between Italy and India – integration.  

  Design of an entire advanced energy system, based on the mass cultivation of microalgae in transparent photobioreactors for the competitive and environmentally sustainable production of renewable energy and other products.  

  Feasibility study and subsequent preliminary planning for the “Piana di Sibari District Energy Plan” for the transition of traditional industrial zones to a competitive and organisational model of “Eco-District”.   

  Global and regional tools for protection of the sea and its resources, and their use in Italy and the Mediterranean: international protected zones as a vehicle for values.   

  Improware – An innovative means to protect water resources in Mediterranean coastal areas through the re-injection of treated water.   

  Organisation of two Summer Schools on Sustainable Devlopment for policy-makers.   

  Scientific collaboration linked to initiatives for the development of technologies, techniques and efficient management methods of withdrawal / insertion of electric power (and other types of power) for domestic, industrial or commercial consumption.  


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